As Police intensifies search…..
Missing Gay Teen Declared Wanted for alleged Homosexual Activity


By Ibrahim Turay

Following news reported on the national Broadcaster, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) displaying teenagers arrested by the police at a boarding school in Waterloo for engaging in homosexual activity as alleged by the police, which continues to be immoral behavior and misconduct activity based on the fact that it is still illegal in the country. Police used such instances under petty crimes, despite the fact that there is no law against it, the public judge are based on morality mostly.

The 15 year old Santigie Bangura, who was confirmed missing by the LUC of waterloo Police Station, post office on the 5 July 2021, after the Sierra Leone Police mounted investigation and declared him wanted for what they alleged was an offence against the state. Despite the fact that police cannot make public charges against the teenage boy, our reporter and the medium cannot confirm the bases of their case.

Sheikh Mohammed Bangura is the Chief Imam for the Waterloo Bassa Town Mosque expressed that, “I was the father of that child that wanted to bring shame to our family. I cannot sit by and watched him bring down our family and our religious into shame. I arrested him myself and handed him to the police so that he will be charged by government and sent to prison if for his entire life term, it will please me to see him bring shame to my family and religion.”

Sheik Mohammed Bangura said he would not regrets if the boy is reported death anywhere and in any circumstances stating that it will better for the boy to die with the level of disgrace he wanted to posed on their family because according to him, both his religion and tribe is against any form of homosexuality.

He said he was surprised to had return from the Mosque on a Holy Friday to received a call from the school principal that his son was caught having an affairs with another male child at their block inside the boarding school while their companion are in the middle of a debate program at the school conference hall.
With no waste of time he went there and arrested his son and call for the law to take it full course. “It is an abomination!” he emphasized.

Not even the police media spokesperson can confirmed to this press what went wrong that led to the missing out of a person in their custody for 3 days before reported missing with a public declaration of him as wanted person.

The Head of Police Media Ibrahim Samura said, he is yet to be furnish with information on the boy from the waterloo Police Division pointing that when once investigations are complete he will be brief but assured that, he will verify the information to ascertained whether the boy was in their custody before his disappearance but as it is, he has no information of the exact picture on the issue from that division.

Neighbors confirmed that in many instances when elders within the community went to plead to Sheik Mohammed Bangura on behalf of Santagie, the Islamic Clergy will emphatically told them that, if anyone including his family members dare tried to plead on that matter, he will forever disowned them and permanently stop the individuals from visiting his house.