Youth Commission to Become Technical Institutes



The National Youth Commission is an auxiliary development agency in the Youth and Affairs Ministry. The commission was established by law in 2009 to capacitate youth skills and jobs creation among others. President Bio in his manifesto, campaign on providing job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans but it two-years now since he was announced president what has his government done to provide middle man power skill.

Thomas Ngolo Katta is the Youths Commissioner he said they have series of activities for young people for the past two years.

He added that the government has revived very strongly through the Obasanjo Skills acquisition Center and that almost every year about 9, 000 young people passed through the skill development processes.

He further said that the 9,000 people that passed the process every year ended up in apprenticeship programs and job readiness processes, disclosing that 75% of them are employed across the country.

Mr. Katta disclosed that the commission has 40 acres of rice production in Kambia district and that about 30 bushels of rice would have gone to the production.

Millicent Kargbo is the Public Relation Officer of the Commission she said the festival will be specifically showcasing Sierra Leone’s culture, citing that, the festival will supports the effort of the Tourism Ministry in packaging and promoting the country positively.

She added that the commission will not be able give a platform for youth in the districts as they are giving opportunity to only youth in Western Area, citing that they will be starting that festival in the district next year to showcase their talent.