Youth applaud


Speaking at the launch of the Program, Ibrahim Prince Tholley while representing the Sierra Leone National Youth Council said the SABI program happened to be one of the most youth appreciated community development program.

This he said was because the program was an initiative they recommended as key in rebuilding post Ebola Sierra Leone.

He said in order to ensure the social structure works well; youths must take the Lead to ensure social accountability to social services, a situation he said would rebuild their self-confidence and further helps them realized their relevance participation in nation building.

SABI’s Team Leader Amada Bangura said the SABI program is currently in operations in every district in the country, seeking to strengthen community-led accountability, increasing awareness of and demand for basic services such as education, social protection, water and energy.

She said SABI will build relationship between citizens and the state by encouraging citizens to fulfill their responsibilities for social amenities.

She revealed that SABI recognizes the integral role communities have played in the fight against Ebola, therefore she said it present an important opportunity for accountability programming.

The Country Manager of Christian Aid, Jeanne Kamara said despite SABI’s Program will be a community inclusion program, yet it does not exist to address all the problems across communities.

She said citizens need to be equipped with information and therefore Christian Aid seeks to see a more inclusive Sierra Leoneans.

As a result she said they desire the strengthening of civil society organizations and initiatives that dive a wide range of data for citizen’s participation on community development activities.