Wilberforce Murder Trial… Eight Returns to Jail


 Led evidence Lawyer Francis Ben Kaifala, first prosecution witness police detective Abubakar Kabba continued with his testimony that, at the conclusion of their investigation, coupled with exhibits and evidence adduced, they realized that, Adeyemi Johnson was murdered by the accused persons, at his 65B Old Railway Line residence.

According to the witness, before the accused persons went and murdered the deceased at his residence, they all slept at 65 Old Railway Line and on the following morning, moved to 65B Old Railway Line at Wilberforce, where the accused persons succeeded in murdering Adeyemi Johnson.

 Detective Police Constable Abubakar Kabba informed the court that during the course of their investigation, Detective Sergeant 6585 Nanoh J.S and police Sergeant Bangura including him, contemporaneously interviewed all accused persons separately.

He said the accused persons made responses in Krio separately  which was eventually recorded in English, and that  at the conclusion of their investigation, the accused responses were read over and explained in Krio, which they all admitted to be true and correct separately and signed it in their respective hand writings respectively.

The witness further intimated that, he finally charged all accused persons with the offences of Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Murder, including an additional charge of Arson for the 2nd and   3rd accused persons.

During cross examination by Counsel representing the seven accused persons A. Conteh, the witness responded that he was instructed by the Head of Crime Management at the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarter, to join his colleague officers at Congo Cross Police Station to investigate a case of Murder.

 He concluded that he could not vividly remember the number of police officers involved in the investigation of the accused persons. He added that the incident that led to murder of Adeyemi Johnson has nothing to do with any fire outbreak.

 Furthermore, Justice Sam Margai adjourned the matter to 9th February 2017, for further cross examination of first prosecution witness DPC Abubakar Kabba.