WHH President & Vice Visit S/Leone



Sierra Leone has faced many challenges in reducing the levels of hunger and malnutrition in recent decades. The country ranks in the bottom ten countries in the Human Development Index 2016 and the Global Hunger Index 2017 classifies the hunger situation in the country as ‘alarming’. 

“I’m interested in learning about the engagements of Welthungerhilfe in the fight against hunger and poverty as an example of the work we are doing in 40 countries around the world,” the President of WHH, Marleh Thieme said.

“Our projects in Sierra Leone are working towards fighting against hunger and poverty by improving on the food value chain,” she said

“Welthungerhilfe is also working with civil society organizations and other local partners to ensure that people can develop and improve their life by themselves,” President of WHH, Marleh Thieme added.

Welthungerhilfe is focused on the second goal of the sustainable development goals to prevent hunger and create value chain from the agriculture side to the kitchen unto to the dish of the people so as to empower them to be healthy.

The Country Director of Welthungerhilfe Sierra Leone Ursula Langkamp said the visit of the Welthungerhilfe President and Vice to Sierra Leone is a milestone for the organization in the implementation of projects that addresses some of the needs of the people in the areas of poverty alleviation.

She is expected to visit WASH technologies and training sites for self supply at Mile six crossing along the Waterloo –Masiaka highway, renewable energy mini grids and charging stations and ethical agriculture investment sites and waste management sites in Kenema.

The President of the German non-Governmental Organization Welthungerhilfe (WHH) Marleh Thieme and Vice President Von Braun will also witness the certification ceremony of skills development trainees in Kenema. 

Marleh Thieme was elected President by the General Assembly of the Welthungerhilfe in November 2018. She is a lawyer and social scientist by profession with 30 years experience at Deutsche Bank in different functions.

She was appointed by the German Federal Government to join the German Council on Sustainable Development, whose chair she is since 2012.

The Vice President of Welthungerhilfe Prof. Dr Von Braun is an agricultural economist, in his professional career his main research topic was global food security. He is the honorary chair of the German Council on Bio –Economy since 2012 and was called to become a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and was appointed as its chair in 2017.