Well Woman Clinic Discharges Satta



Satta who was suffering from a strange illness that perverted her from schooling as a result of continuous mockery form her body language seem to be happy to be reunited with her pregnant mother and dad who is a farmer from her village in Kenema District.

Reproductive Health Specialist Well Woman Clinic Tina Davies Obe bidding farewell to Satta and Parent said they are excited for Satta story, noting that it the first time they embarked on such venture despite they were thinking for the impossibility on the surgery in the country.

She added that they have checking her situation for infection but thankful she is doing well, citing that she is hiding faster that why they allowing her to return back and reunite with her parent.

 She went on to say Satta was admitted at the Holy Trinity Hospital Well Woman Clinic before her surgery in Makeni, noting that they have also supported her with some education materials to continue her schooling.

The clinic according to her is facing challenges of funding for clinic activities, adding they are the only clinic providing auto sound for pregnant women.

According to Yusuf Sheriff Father of Satta Sheriff he is happy that his daughter has now been cured from a strange illness and that he is commending Well Woman Clinic for their support towards his child recovery.

He added that the illness started like a swelling in her daughter left hand before becoming Lipoma that was diagnosed by daughter, citing people were mocking and calling Satta ill names because of her condition.