Water Quay On Fire



The Senior Quay Superintendent in charge of Exports, Alhaji Musa Conteh said there are many reasons leading to their protest but that key among them are the delay in the payment of rent allowances and over the rumor that is making the rounds that the management of Bolore Africa logistics intends to slash workers’ salaries by 30%.

According to Mr. Conteh the management did not inform them about the 30% pay reduction, adding that since management has taken them by surprise, they have decided to stage a spontaneous strike action because they want management to know that such decision to reduce their salary by 30% does not go down well with them.

Alhaji Musa Conteh said Bolore is paying their foreign counterparts very huge salaries and with little tax deduction whilst they are being paid with pittance with high tax deduction. He pointed out that Bolore always discriminate against them adding that the company is always in the habit of taking decision that has to do with the entire staff without their prior consent.

Mr. Conteh called on government to pay more attention on the Quay particularly the activities of Bolore, adding that Bolore has no regard for them as workers. He said from all what they have been hearing from the company in all the countries in Africa including Nigeria and Guinea they are always reported of treating their workers badly.

Mr. Conteh further informed that with the intervention of the management of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority, they have held a meeting together with Bolore. He stated that the meeting comprised of the General Manager, Sierra Leone Dock Workers Union, and a host of other stakeholders.

He said in that meeting, the management agreed to pay salaries as against Friday with no salary reduction. He furthered that because of that they have suspended their strike action despite they are skeptical over the issue.

AYV tried to interview the Deputy General Manager of Bolore Africa Logistic that was spotted at the scene but refused to comment.