Two SIM Politicians Troubled


However, this APC decision to target the dual citizenship holders in their party has left other dual citizenship holders in other political parties with no option but to raise serious concerns and condemned the decision, terming it as unconstitutional.

Most politicians are very much concerned and are of the fear that the APC might want to extend this dual citizenship hunt to politicians in other political parties and may want to use the court system to disqualify other politicians from contending the March polls.

The National Grand Coalition (NGC) has in a press release noted with amusement the current hue and cry over the issue of dual citizenship that the APC party has suddenly implemented.

The party members say they were concerned that after almost 10 years in government, the APC only now realise it is barred by the Sierra Leone Constitution for Parliamentarians, ministers and presidents.

The NGC finds it hard to believe that the APC has been unaware of section 76(1) in the Constitution and its appointment of dual citizens as ministers as well as awarding symbols to dual citizens to enable them become Parliamentarians was done in ignorance of the Constitutional provisions.

Furthermore, the NGC believes that this is just another instance of President Koroma and the APC’s total disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law and their propensity to twist the law to suit themselves, adding that the party is fully convinced that the decision of the APC to raise the dual citizenship issue at this time has been informed by a mistaken notion that by doing so the NGC and its presidential candidate will be disadvantaged.