“Stay @ Home On Saturday” -UDM Suggests



According to the UDM, every headquarter town should be closed and every Saturday be declared a ‘stay-at-home’ day. “Saturday should be used for medical visits to contain the spread of the virus,” he said, adding that it will help the government to discover hidden cases of the Ebola virus in the various homes.

According to the UDM Party, Mohamed Bangura, despite all the efforts being made by the government and other international partners, the UDM has observed there is still increased number of cases coming up in the various epicenters.

He thanked the Government of Sierra Leone for championing the national challenge against the EVD outbreak in the country, adding that government has spent over fifty billion Leones to acquire personal protective equipment for the treatment of the dreadful disease.

He went on to assert that although several public and profit generating institutions in the country are presenting monetary donations to the government yet, according to him, they are “pittance”.

“It is provocative for these institutions to donate sum as low as nine-hundred million Leones after making billions of Leones in the businesses they run in the country,” he said.

He suggested that government should request for equipment like ambulances and other materials from the business institutions providing support.

The Coordinator in the Office of the Government Spokesman, Abdulia Baratay, said government respects UDM’s suggestions but that the government appreciates any penny that is donated to the fight against the Ebola Virus.

He said the institutions are not obligated to donate but are only adhering to the call of the President that everyone gets their hands on deck in the fight against the Ebola Virus.