SLPP Retains APC Power Ship Project


According to MOE source, “The five-year deal entails the deployment of a power ship from the Karpowership, a member of the Karadeniz Energy Group based in Istanbul, Turkey. The group describes itself as a pioneer in innovative energy projects in existence for the last 20 years, with investments in domestic and international markets. It is said to be the first private electricity exporter in Turkey.”

The ship, according to the MOE, was configured to supply 100 megawatt, but under the agreement with Sierra Leone it will supply only 30 mw of electricity to the capital city for the 5-year period.

“If in the long run there is need to expand the country’s power supply, the 70mw reserve could be accessed, the source added.

However, the deal has come under criticism, with citizens demanding details of the agreement, like how much it would cost the taxpayer.