SLPP Alliance slams PPRC


He said the entire membership of the alliance of SLPP flagbearers was still dissatisfied with the way the PPRC had conducted itself in recent times, accusing them of playing a biased role in dealing with their problems after “it was very clear that the National Elective Council meeting that resolved to suspend Chief Somanoh Kapen as chairman of the party was unlawful and that members were not properly seated”.

Dr. Yumkella said although some of the rulings and decisions of the former chairman of the PPRC, after mediations and conflict resolutions, were not popular, “all parties or factions to the conflict would respect his fair, transparent and critical decisions. The reputation, which the regulatory body used to have had become a thing of the past”.

Another member of the alliance, John Oponjo Benjamin, had also accused some staff of commission of clearly taking sides in the current intraparty divide “by endorsing Dr. Prince Harding in a letter the commission recently addressed to the National Electoral Commission”.

He insisted that “the Commission did not have the required quorum for such a decision to have been made. This is evidently clear that the PPRC has failed in its mandate to promote pluralism in political parties in the country”.

Mr. Benjamin, onetime chairman of the party and former minister of finance under the SLPP, also emphasised that the PPRC was established to promote the spirit of constitutionality among political parties while mediating conflicts and disputes among members.

He claimed that “the commission had totally ignored those mandates and were now endorsing actions of the SLPP faction that had held an unconstitutional NEC Meeting”.

When contacted for their response to allegations made against the leadership of the PPRC, its acting registrar, Zainab Moseray, told AYV that she would “never respond to any allegation” and wished the reporter a wonderful evening.