SLPP 2018 ‘Manifesto’ Out


Speaking to members of the diplomatic community, NGO community, advocacy civil society groups and the press among other attendees at the event, Mr. Bio said in fulfillment of a promised in his acceptance speech on October 15, 2017 that he was going elaborate on policies to address the critical development challenges in the country, he decided to highlight priorities that are aligned with the global strategy of sustainable development goals and consistent with cooperation agreements with donors and NGOs.

The document spoke of the party’s plans to revamp the country’s economy, improve the macro-economy, revenue mobilization, public expenditure management, exchange rate management, public debt management, diversification of the economy, improving the management of mineral and petroleum resources, developing agriculture, improving on the management of marine resources, promoting tourism, developing the private sector, human development and education, health, youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, child protection, protecting persons living with disability and the aged, building and promoting national cohesion, fighting corruption and improving accountability, revamping democratic institutions, building an effective parliament, strengthening local councils and the chieftaincy institution,  strengthening and repositioning the civil service and most importantly, providing a secure environmental for all among other key issues. Turn to pages 8 and 9 of this edition to read the complete manifesto.