SiLNORF Capacitates 16 Member Organizations


The assessment shows the need to capacitate their member organizations in order to improve their status in various areas and as a network, they prepared a proposal and presented it to their donors and it was later approved for implementation.

Tarawallie further said, that from the survey conducted by the consultant, statistics was provided on the strength of these member organizations which explains that (4) four of these organizations are operational with or without support; ten (10) organizations are struggling to stand, and the remaining two (2) keep surviving through a life supporting machine which he said is the objective of the training.

When all the sessions would have been completed, they are expecting their members to design very good proposals and develop strategies in contacting donors that will be attracted and which would result to funding.

He went on to state that, there is a huge gap in computer literacy level for these organizations as that was why they targeted programs, and financed officers to benefit from the training in order for them to learn where they have been going wrong over the years.

He further lamented that, for organizations that cannot matchup due to draw backs, they will be helping them with furniture and computers to aid their growth.

Emilia Jengo a participant from Women’s Forum for Dignity and Human Rights, commended SiLNORF for a timely training that is beneficial, and that with optimism she said, after the training, her organization and others will move from one point to another and will be very active, passionate, dedicated, and would employ competence in their write-ups while scouting for donor support.