Salone Internet Penetration is Below 15%


. Indeed, though the government has brought internet connectivity to the country, Sierra Leone Cable Limited (SALCAB), the state-owned firm that manages the fibre optics infrastructure, laments that telecom operators are still strongly attached to the digital microwave system for backhaul.

The poor demand for fibre optics infrastructures is thus a roadblock for the extension of broadband internet to the whole country since SALCAB cannot extend the network to zones where the demand is nonexistent. Apart from that, there is the poor coverage of the country by telecom operators and, according to the SALCAB, internet penetration rate will remain poor in that case.  

This year, the ISOC-SL has decided to change things. In its strategic plan, it announces numerous operations to sensitize public and private players of the telecom market on the necessity to invest and give the country a chance to transform the internet into a socio-economic growth driver.