Role of Pharmacist in strengthening Health-Care system


Mr. Abiri informed his pharmacist colleagues that thy need to change the current trend and status quo of pharmacy practice and move away from its original focus on medicine supply towards a more inclusive focus on patient care. He further mentioned that the role the pharmacist has evolved from that of a compounder and supplier of pharmaceutical products towards that of a provider of services and information and ultimately that of a provider of patient care.
“The pharmacist’s task is to ensure that a patient’s drug therapy is appropriately indicated effectively by taking responsibilities for individual patient’s medicine-related needs, pharmacist can make a unique contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and their patients’ quality of life”.
In that note, the guest speaker called on all pharmacists to shift to the new trend that demands of pharmacy delivery and help provide a better health care sector in the country. He also noted that government should pay grave attention to the development of pharmaceutical practice and studies by providing adequate learning facilities in the country.
Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Foday Sawi, said in this post ebola era in Sierra Leone, one of the key challenges the ministry is faced with in providing health care is meeting the increasing healthcare needs of the ever increasing population, now compounded by the ebola epidemic outbreak.
The deputy Minister informed the pharmacists that with the growing demand for proper medical care and effective management of chronic and infectious disease as well as those of affluence will continue to require new models of care, especially in the community and hospital setting. He therefore urged that pharmacist’s contributions with respect to drug management of patients is very crucial and indispensable. He commended their pivotal role during the ebola outbreak in the country, noting that it helped significantly in the management of drug dispensation and controlled.
Mr. Sawi assured the pharmacists of his ministry’s support to strengthen the manpower and capacity of pharmaceutical in Sierra Leone and maintained that the ministry is also working hard to expand into specialist pharmacist to provide specialized care for complex cases in tertiary hospitals and public health programs, focusing on disease prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyle and health screening.
The President of the Pharmaceutical Society in Sierra Leone (PSSL), Major Thomas Tucker expressed his gratitude and satisfaction to all invited guests for honouring their call. He said the AGM and scientific symposium is geared towards discussing pertinent issues surrounding pharmaceutical in the country and to discuss ways of improving the industry.
The President of PSSL noted that 2014-2015 has been challenging year for the health sector in the country with the outbreak of ebola exposing the weaknesses in health care delivery.
“With the end of the viral disease we as pharmacists will ensure we provide better, quality and effective service not only from selling but ensure we provide effective patient care and enforce a robust management of drugs in the country,” Major Tucker noted.