Radisson Blu on cocktail making training


The training session was held at hotel’s Baw Baw bar were different kinds of cocktail drinks were displayed together with the recipe to prepare them. 

Snowdon stated that he is the current brand ambassador hired by the Radisson Group of Companies to assist Radisson Blu in Freetown, improve on their cocktail menu. He further explained that the Fabbri brand product would facilitate the making of cocktail varieties.   Snowdon encouraged hotels and supermarkets in Sierra Leone to give the Fabbri product a try, as he maintained that the Fabbri product cane utilized in several ways to enhance consumer’s satisfaction.

The Bar Manager, Joseph Kamara, together with staff of the Radisson Blu hotel said the training happened at the right time, as he said the training had already capacitated them to register the different between Radisson Blu and other hotels in the country. 

“the training will enable us achieve  a lot, as it will help us  deliver efficient services to our numerous guest and help to place us on top of our game, the new ideal is very helpful for us and for the hotel” Kamara stated.