Proportionate punishment for victor Ajisafe: Appealing to the Body of Christ


It is important that the Body of Christ should ask for forgiveness for Ajisafe. In my views however, what should precede such plea would have been a clearly spelt out punishment for Ajisafe by the Body of Christ. In such a case, the punishment for him should be proportional to the degree of crime he must have committed. To determine the degree of the crime, every rational minded Sierra Leone would just calculate the degree of damage that this nation would have experienced had it not been for the timely intervention of the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs. Let me therefore state that as a nation, we are looking forward to the punishment that is going to be meted upon Ajisafe  as that is what will likely help to laid his crime to rest.

The member of the Body of Christ remarked that Ajisafe is married to a Sierra Leonean with children and therefore the much talked about deportation for him should not be considered. Whilst I am not even in favour of deportation because it would not be any punishment for him, in my view, such an excuse is largely untenable and therefore totally unacceptable. If Ajisafe is a Nigeria and has got married to a Sierra Leonean, it  therefore becomes morally binding on him to ensure that firstly peace in maintained in this nation at all times particularly as that is where he is living and eking out his living. Secondly that respectable people in this country must be respected by him at all times. By his singular action through statements made, Ajisafe has not respected any of these and why should he be forgiven merely because he is married to Sierra Leonean and having children with her?

I would like to appeal to the Body of Christ to go back and not merely listen to the audio but equally endeavour to watch the video clip also. If you do, you will see the man visibly angry. Interestingly, those utterances were made from the alter of his church and therefore must have been recorded and circulated by members of his congregation. Has he taken time to actually ask himself why his humiliating and demoralizing statements were leaked to the public? What was he hoping to achieve by dastardly condemning another religion from his so called House of God?

Ajisafe spoke with anger and vengeance, the cause of which he only knows. Why was he so angry about the mere coming of a Muslim Sheikh to this country? Why was he averse to the preaching of the Sheikh? Is it because the programme of the Muslim Sheikh was free and Ajisafe had all this while exploited unsuspecting Sierra Leoneans by allegedly demanding what should be put into envelopes for special prayers? What was the cause of his anger against a man who had no business with him and was not even interested in knowing about the existence of Ajisafe?

For all that we know, Ajisafe had had several crusades at the Siaka Stevens Stadium which always lasted for three consecutive days. Those three days of every month had been challenging moments for commuters around Kingharman Road and the Lodge (China house) areas. In spite of all those inconveniences, Sierra Leoneans, including Muslims had put up with that thinking that he is a man of God. Are we not thankful to God that his true identity has now been glaringly established? We therefore appeal to the Body of Christ to recommend appropriate punishment to the government in respect of Victor Ajisafe so as to help lay this matter to a permanent rest and not merely making pleas for him.

Ajisafe tended to know more about the history of Sierra Leone than the Sierra Leoneans themselves. Is that not interesting?  In this mad quest and fury to prove a point, he distorted the religious history of this country. How can Ajisafe say that only two religions; Idol worshipping and Christianity where existing in this nation? Where did he learn that history from? In his madness he was callously calling on other Christians to join in his senseless fury and fire for no just cause against a peaceful Sheikh who came from far away to enlighten the people of this nation. What an affront from this purported man of God?

Perhaps one of the things that was most annoying in those utterances was his mention of the Late Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of blessed memories. He stated that Tejan Kabbah took Sierra Leone to the IOC and registered this country as an Islamic state through the back door. That was most disparaging for Ajisafe to have mentioned the name of a much respected Sierra Leonean who has passed away and absolutely had nothing to do with the coming of that Sheikh.  Has Ajisafi not denigrated the dead? Body of Christ must understand that that is totally unacceptable.

Ajisafe consciously but ignorantly associated Islam; a religion of peace, to that of terrorism. It exposed his ignorance of Islam and the very religion he tends to belong to.  For all I know, I have on several occasions witnessed Friday sermons in mosques wholly on Jesus Christ. Is Ajisafe aware of that? Perhaps after ripping off the unsuspecting people of this nation and ferrying the booty to Nigeria for that long, he now wants to totally destroy this nation by igniting a religious war. Sierra Leoneans must however rise above such and tell him that he is a devil.

I must state at this point that the appeal to forgive Ajisafe is viewed by many with grave misgivings. Grave misgivings because this is not the first time Ajisafe has consciously but dangerously meddled into the affairs of this nation. If the Body of Christ has done a thorough research they would have been able to establish that Ajisafe made unacceptable remarks when he told this nation on Hilton Fyle’s radio station that if President Kabbah returns as President of this nation, he would wipe his “backsides” with papers from the Bible. Have the Body of Christ not heard of those statements? Did you take such remarks into consideration before appealing for forgiveness for this man?

For the good of the Body of Christ, it was widely alleged that Ajisafe put on military uniform and sat on the burnet of a car and held gun in his hands during the AFRC Junta days. I invite the Body of the Christ to go the extra mile and investigate these issues rather than merely asking for forgiveness for him. These two actions; that of wiping his “backsides” with papers from the Bible and use of combat are important. All those were said and done to assure the Junta boys to continue carrying on the destruction of this country and not to give back power to the democratically elected President.  His action and utterances at that time again contributed to falsely assuring the Junta boys that they will remain in charge and must therefore not relent in whatever they were doing. What sort of man is this Ajisafe?

May I bring to the attention of the Body of Christ had it not been for the good nature of former President Kabbah, Ajisafe must have perished in prison to death?  He has therefore taken another chance to bring religious war into this country because he was allowed to go free when he did it during the junta days. The Body of Christ must therefore be patriotic and  before being religious to prescribe in their own way a judicious punishment for one of its members for an unacceptable behaviour.

It is our views that Ajisafe has transcended his limit. He has crossed the red lines to his own disadvantage. He has stretched the patience of vast majority of Sierra Leoneans beyond imaginations. If the Body of Christ is asking for forgiveness, they should be in position to  first recommend appropriate punishment for him.

Having made these comments and observation and my consideration that Ajisafe deserves a proportionate punishment, may I appeal to all Sierra Leoneans to remain law abiding and continue to look eagerly and vigilantly to our government with the hope that the care and attention that this  matter deserves will be given to it?

Ajisafe called on Christian to help in disproving the Learned Sheikh so what I have done by means of this piece is to help him understand the seriousness of the step he took in the wrong direction.