Pot Cover Celebrations


This is serious! If the feedback I received is true, the questions I would genuinely seek answers to, are these. When did Sierra Leoneans choose to condescend to the level of provoking one another to the point of anger? When did we stop being our brothers/sisters keeper?

From the security point of view, we need to inform you that provocation is a Public Order offence, according to Act No. 46 of 1965.

Sierra Leoneans let not be divided by politics. It is possible that the one you’d despise today because of politics or rather petty things might be the only one you could turn to for your solace, upliftment or help when things are tough and you do not have the strength to help yourself.

Ask yourself this question: would you dare ask for the much-needed help you require to salvage your situation when things really get tough from a brother/sister you once considered your enemy?

Sierra Leoneans think twice and act wisely.