Performance training for Ministries, Departments, Agencies



Representing the Chief of Staff in the Office of the President, the Senior Director of the Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU) Prof. Victor Strasser-King (centre in photo) in his keynote address said performance contracting is now a major tool for evaluating performance and appraisals for MDAs to improve productivity and provide efficient service delivery structure.

Key among the performance training, he said was to scale up human capacity in MDAs and this has helped to surmount challenges thus having an improved plan, better budgeting, civil and public service appraisals, better coordination and greater efficiency and greater public interest in government’s activities.

He pointed out that the three day session was geared to setting targets for ministries and councils while expressing hope that the sessions will help to meet the requirements of performance contracting. The sector/ministry’s strategic plan, the Agenda for Prosperity,the President’s last speech to parliament and the post Ebola recovery plan particularly the prioritized sectors are some of the essential documents needed in the process.

Professor Strasser-King expressed hope that at the end of the three day workshop, the 2016 contracts would have been developed and accompanied with a Performance Tracking Tables (PTT), project tracker and managerial matrix for all participating ministries and councils for the signing of the performance contracts with the president in the next ten to fourteen days.

The Director of PMSD in the Office of the President Abdul Rahman Sowa in his address underscored the significance of coordination and planning in order to meet the expected outcomes and an effective service delivery. In setting the 2016 targets,

Sowa urged participants to make sure their targets are realized, measurable and time bound, adding that it will help to raise performance with sustainability and also bring in quality assurance in service delivery.

The training included plenary sessions that focus on key issues on contract development, the managerial matrix target setting, the project tracker and the performance tracking table-target setting.

At the beginning of every year, MDAs are requested to plan and present their targets or annual work plans using the PTT, project tracker and managerial indicator matrix.