Original Bollywood Fan Club cleans State House environs



The cleaning exercise brought together over 50 young men and women from OFBC who took part in the cleaning exercise around the State house area, the Cotton Tree and back of the Law Court. The images of the President and past leaders around the Cotton Tree were also cleaned.

The cleaning was well organized to the amazement of onlookers and the garbage deposited at the dump site.

Founder and CEO of Sierra Leone’s foremost arts and entertainment media SaloneJamboree, Murtala Mohamed Kamara, joined OBFC in the cleaning exercise and said he was proud to join the group in what he described as a patriotic exercise. Kamara, a popular youth activist and adviser to the organization, said he wants to change the negative perception people hold about social clubs.  He said young people must complement the effort of Government in contributing to nation building. He thanked the membership of OBFC for the exercise.

President of OBFC, Wu’ Rithrik Barrie, thanked Kamara for all the support.  He said they were very happy to conduct the cleaning exercise.  Barrie said his organization is made up of Indian movie lovers popularly known as the Bollywood film industry. He said they seek to promote Indian and Sierra Leonean culture.

He said his organization is planning series of social and developmental projects this year, and plans to collaborate with relevant institutions.