NRA/Ecobank fraud case: Defence tenders Addresses In Court



According to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) prosecutor, Abdul Rahman Mansaray, he relies on the written addresses of the defence counsels but mentioned few issues in respect of the address for the 3rd accused, Adetunji Desmond Cole.

He said he depends heavily on a certain evidence that is not before the court and that is the ASYCUDA operation manual, and same for the 10th accused Abdul Mutalib Kamara, whose case relies on the strenuous evidence of one Francess Ansumana who did not testify on the matter in court.

It could be recalled that Ibrahim B. Lavaley, Innah James, Adetunji Desmond Cole, Gbakie Minah, Egarthin Faulkner, Abu Bakarr Kamara, Ishmael Dainkeh, Isata Osaio Kamara, Sheka Gbanabom and Abdul Mutalib Kamara were arraigned in court on an eighteen counts charge  of corruption ranging for misappropriation of public funds, fraudulent reduction of customs charges, corrupt transaction of agents, accepting an advantage, and other related corruption charges, contrary to the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2008.

The matter continues.