‘No University for deaf, dumb’



He said that that was because universities across the country were not equipped to handle and deliver on comparative courses for persons with disabilities.

“Sierra Leone is not a disability friendly country”, the said, adding almost all the edifices and infrastructure of the country were not disability friendly.

He further explained that the environment at government and private institutions were harmful to the physically challenged, a situation he said was responsible for the high rate of unemployed persons with disability in Sierra Leone.

“As a result of this discriminatory nature of the society most persons with disabilities are unemployed, regardless of their hard-earned qualifications”, Kamara claimed, adding that access to housing was a huge challenge facing almost all persons with disabilities in the country as most landlords considered them annoying and disturbing.

“That is a situation responsible for the homelessness of most persons with disability strewn across the streets and slums of Freetown”, he further stated, and called on government to speedily implement the free health care provision contained in the 2011 persons with disability Act.

“Part V, Section 17(1) of the Act provides that ‘every person with disability shall be provided with free medical services in public health institutions”, he explained, adding that based on the high rate of unemployment status of most people with disabilities they couldn’t afford quality medical services.