Nigerians Inaugurate New S/Leone Chapter



President Ayebola said the inauguration ceremony is a celebration of the unity and bringing together of Nigerians for common purpose of economic and intellectual advancement, and cooperation with the host country Sierra Leone.

“The relationship between Sierra Leone and Nigeria has been cordial for over centuries while some countries are in bitter competition against one another; we are happy to say that Sierra Leone is our brother and a very good one,” he said.

The president added that his leadership will continue to engage the government of Sierra Leone in progressive partnership and cooperation to accomplish three key major projects in the areas of education, health and commerce.

“We shall pursue vigorously the establishment of NIDO nursery, primary and secondary schools, NIDO medical centre and NIDO house, a multi-purpose centre to serve as a secretariat, to accommodate the Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture in Sierra Leone,” he explained.   

Abiodun Ayebola said NIDO Sierra Leone acknowledges and appreciates the good people and government of Sierra Leone for providing the enabling environment to express their potentials as Nigerians in various fields of endeavors.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Cooperation, Nabeela Tunis said government is willing to collaborate with the Nigeria Diaspora and give it support in areas of mutual interest.