‘New School Buses not Disabled-Friendly’



Donstance, who was speaking exclusively to this writer said by the look of things, the authorities deliberately or otherwise did not to take the issue of physically-challenged pupils into consideration during the procurement process of the buses; hence the reason why the buses are not disabled-friendly.

He went on to say one of the barriers that had and continues to militate against physically-challenged pupils has been mobility. Therefore, he said the advent of the school bus service should alleviate such barrier but to no avail.

He called on the New Direction administration to allocate funds during the upcoming 2020 Budget discussions for the construction of ramps and rails in all government buildings for physically-challenged persons to have easy access into these buildings as and when the need arise as they too are part of the society.

The Rescue Ship Foundation SL is a Civil Society Organization situated in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom, Lungi. It advocates for easy access and retention in schools of physically-challenged pupils in the chiefdom and its environs.