NaSSIT Former Staff Repays Stolen Money


Last December, Franklyn made an advance payment of One Hundred Million Leones (Le100, 000,000.00), as a settlement, in respect of investigations into funds meant for the NaSSIT Sisimi Project. In addition to this initial payment, Mr. Coker has now accordingly made another One Hundred Million Leones (Le100, 000,000.00) in line with his agreement with the ACC.

Mr. Coker has made a total of Two Hundred Million Leones (Le200, 000,000.00) payment, leaving him with a balance of Three Hundred Million Leones (Le300, 000,000.00); which he is to pay within the next eight months.

The public should note that within the past seven months, the ACC has recovered over Nine Billion Leones (Le9, 000,000,000.00); part of which it has accordingly paid back into the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

In this respect, the Commission wishes to further reiterate to the general public that it shall not relent in ensuring that public funds are protected, and where necessary, recovered.