Momoh Konte Dispels Social Media Ban


Mr. Konte was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Annual General Meeting of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) which was held in Makeni.

Speaking to hundreds of people from all works of life in the hall, Chairman Konte assured all that his commission will never put a ban on the use of social media in the country, while adding that it is not even government’s plan.

However, he called on everybody – especially journalists, to help NATCOM and the government to ensure that social media is used responsibly.

Chairman Konte’s assurance is in response to rumours making rounds that the commission and the government have threatened to shut down the use of WhatsApp and Facebook, before and during the 2018 elections.

Mr. Konte’s assurance has been seen by many as a continued commitment by NATCOM and the Government of Sierra Leone to protect and improve freedom of speech in the country.

However, it is also seen as a clarion call for every Sierra Leonean to join hands in ensuring that social media is properly used and not misused.