Milla Group GM Solace Prisoners



Presenting the items such as mayonnaise, sugar, butter, milk, soap, toiletries including other food items to the beneficiaries, the General Manager of Milla Group, Rajesh Hemanni intimated that this is not the first tile Milla Group has been engaged in complementing the efforts of both national and private institutions working hand in glove with the government in terms of national development.

He further told beneficiaries that the gesture is part of his company’s cooperate social responsibility to improving communities within its various operational zones.

Rajesh Hemmani pledged his company’ support the Sierra Leone Correctional Service and other institutions in the country.

He added that Milla Group is on record for operating in Sierra Leone with an unblemished track record and sincere posture to contribute towards the overall development of the country’s business sector.

Receiving the donation, officials of the Female Correctional Service expressed profound gratitude and sincere appreciation to the General Manager of Milla Group, Rajesh Hemanni and the entire management staff for the gesture.

According to them, the donation is timely and would go a long way to ease some of the challenges facing inmates at the correctional service detention centres.

They also confirmed that Milla Group is one of the companies that has been assisting them with such donation over the years and implored other companies in the country to emulate the example of Milla Group of Companies.