Massive Turnout at Pastor Mambu Crusade



The week-long crusade starts at 5pm and ends at 10pm beginning yesterday Wednesday, November 21st, to Sunday, November 25th 2018.
Since November 2015, the Sierra Leone Great Redemption Crusade, otherwise known as ‘Sierra Leone For Jesus and Jesus For Sierra Leone Crusade’ has become a national annual religious event held every November, in the capital Freetown; mobilizing Christians and non-Christians attendees from within and outside Sierra Leone, to offer prayers for the nation, and the redemption of souls from spiritual captivity and bondage.

This year’s crusade focuses on national repentance; healing and restoration of God’s glory in Sierra Leone – ‘2 Chronicles 7:14’; prayer for God’s divine intervention in the nation, and healing of the shrinking economy – ‘1 Timothy 2:1-3’; prayer for the redemption of souls and revival of holiness and righteousness in Christian homes – ‘Psalm 85:5-7’ and prayer for peace and unity in the Body of Christ in Sierra Leone – ‘Psalm 133:1’.
One of the media coordinators, Pastor Jeremiah Kargbo, references what he calls the Lord’s revelation to His servant – Pastor Francis A.M Mambu: “Attendees are encouraged to observe fasting throughout the week-long crusade, as they write and take along individual prayer-points that do with negative experiences and challenges in their marriages, homes, education, businesses, health, traveling, finances, job/career and more; quoting a scripture from the Book of Matthew 17:21 ‘Howbeit this kind goeth not out, but by prayer and fasting”.

Pastor Jeremiah adds that: “Pupils and students are encouraged to take along books and pens (learning materials) as a point of contact, in representation of their academic pursuits, Saturday, November 24th for special prayers, whilst Sunday, November 25th, which marks Thanksgiving Day-professionals and workers and businessmen are encouraged to take along anything representing their career/profession/businesses, as a point of contact, for special prayer.

Senior Pastor, Alfred S. Missallie – Head of Media Committee, Great Redemption Crusade, recalls some of the national impacts: “The timely start of the Great Redemption Crusade in November 2015 was strategic for the eradication of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak out of Sierra Leone.

On the third day of the 2016 crusade, through God’s visitation, the Servant of God prophesied that ‘things will turn around for Sierra Leone-six months after then’, and it miraculously came to pass in the fifth month when a pastor found one of the biggest diamonds in the world, which became a national issue. In November 2017, the crusade was also very timely to handle the issues around the presidential and general elections.”

Pastor Missallie disclosed that this year’s will be significant, assuring that almost the entire stadium premise will have to be fully utilized. He confirms that broadband screens will be erected to visualize the activities for some of the attendees who might not be opportune to the pavilions plus safety for their cars and vehicles, as usual.

Men of God from other churches across Sierra Leone, Nigeria, UK, Canada, USA and Liberia will be in attendance, and the Overseer of the Faith Healing Bible Church, Pastor Francis A.M Mambu, will be ministering. The crusade committee is headed by Pastor Josephus Pires of New Life Ministry; assisted by Pastor Martin Sesay of Destiny Chapel Ministry. The holding of the crusade is estimated at around seven-hundred million Leones.