Mami ɛn Pikin Wɛlbɔdi Wik: Communities Prepare



The meeting which was held at the YWCA Hall in Brookfields, brought together commercial bike riders, motor drivers and market women.

The organisers educated their listeners on how to raise community awareness for people’s participation during the mami ɛn pikin wɛlbɔdi wik. They said it is important to reach community people with the correct information that will help them to make informed decisions regarding their health.

They explained the importance of good nutrition, hygiene and other health-related behaviours as preparation for the upcoming routine immunization. Speaking with the Chief Executive Officer of FOCUS 1000, Mohamed Jalloh, he said his organization can reduce mother-to-child mortality in the country. He explained he believes that they can change the disturbing statistics of maternal and infant deaths during their first 1000 days.

Representatives from the Market Women’s Association, the Drivers’ Union and   commercial bike riders, promised to take the information they have got to their various communities.

Abdul Swarray, Executive Director of Children Advocacy Forum-Sierra Leone, explained why people in communities should be informed on health-related issue.