Mamamah Airport Project Kicks Off



President Ernest Bai Koroma has invested in infrastructural development in the country more than any other Head of State since the country attained self determination from Britain in 1961.

The new international airport, which will further open up the nation to business, tourism and  direct foreign investment and  make Sierra Leone a regional aviation hub in West Africa , is the brain-child of the development-oriented President Ernest Koroma. The Government of Sierra Leone  signed the contract for the construction of the international airport with the China Railway International in 2012. The airport will be an aviation city of modern international standards.

The Mamamah International Airport is one of the top priorities of President Ernest Koroma who has brought unprecedented infrastructural developments to the nation, the best since Independence in 1961.

Mamamah is only 38 miles from the city of Freetown and when completed the international airport will remove all the hazards and inconveniences that air travelers to and from Freetown have faced eternally–Having to cross the ocean in ferries and helicopters.