Lumley youth on cleaning exercise



“Cleaning an environment is one major way of improving its hygiene and maintaining a healthy life and if the environs is very much filthy it will be hazardous for children, as we are approaching the Easter celebration, it won’t be good for the community to be in a very poor hygiene condition.” said Ibrahim Tawa Conteh.


Ibrahim Tawa Conteh further explained that the cleaning exercise would be one they had to decide on together with stakeholders to be included in their monthly calendar to ensure sanity in the Lumley Community, adding that the cleaning session was very much different from all other cleaning session and that he had provided trucks to convey all the garbage to the appropriate deposition cite.


A former player of Real Friends F.C, Saidu Fornah thanked Tawa Conteh for the initiative and for the tools he provided and that they would support him in whatever developmental thrive, adding that the cleaning session was very much in place, that was why they decided to join him in the cleaning their community owing to the fact that the cleaning exercise would facilitate healthy community.


A resident, Aminata Kabba stated that he had never swept a street before but Tawa Conteh motivated her to be on the street to do such job and that they would ensure they support him in his endeavor to develop their community, adding that the cleaning was not politically motivated and that it was a way of developing their community.