Local Government Minister Calms Gbado, Kandu Leppiama Residents


  This issue has led to unrest in the entire chiefdom as people from Leppiama refused to allow the chiefdom tax assessment in their area and also asked all their people not to pay tax until their chiefdom is deamalgamated.

In his wisdom, the Local Government and Rural Development Minister Maya Moiwo Stanley Kaikai paid a visit to the chiefdom and allowed them to explain the reason (s) why they want deamalgamation. 

The people with sincerity told Hon. Kaikai that their area is not and has not been benefiting anything from the past SLPP government to this present APC government and that since this government of Ernest Bai Koroma is trying to deamalgamate chiefdoms in this our beloved nation, we too are now ready to be deamalgamated.

The Minister pitied the people and was courageous to tell them all the fundings this APC government has been sending to the Kenema District Council and all councils through his Ministry as chiefdom development funds.

He assured them that deamalgamation is a process and warned all to allow the tax assessment to go on and pay their taxes and that they shouldn’t take the law into their hands and that their issue will be looked into.

The people were very pleased with the statement of Hon. Maya Kaikai and pleaded with him to ensure that their chiefdom is deamalgamated.