Kossoh Town unveils jersey & players


Ibrahim Kamara added “upon preparing budget for our annual work plan we include the football team in our work plan and that is what we have been doing over the years, so it is not something new to us”.

A resident, Abdallah Ahmed Sesay said football happened to be a unification tool that can be utilized to bring all shades of their community together and that such gathering was a platform that being used to advice each and every community stakeholders, especially on developmental issues update.

 Abdul Aziz Carew mentioned that he has been supporting other communities, but this time he will gave his one hundred percent to Kossoh Town community Football team, adding that through football the community can grow fast and stronger.

Kossoh Town Assistant Coach, Franklin Om’cormack assured the community people victory in the 2017 COFA competition and applauded the community people’s for their usual support. He promised to pay the community people’s with the COFA trophy, as token for their enormous support. 

The Kossoh Town football team was knocked out of the competition in the round of sixteen in the 2016 COFA league and the team has never won the tournament before, although the community had made it to the final once.