Kono welcomes Citigate exploration


He thanked the Paramount chiefs as custodians of the land for giving the people what he called “opportunity to develop their mineral rights and the company the right and opportunity to benefit and promote the communities”. Citigate as a company, he went on, represents “purity” that’s why they take their cooperate social responsibility seriously, nothing that with such, they will be able to add value to the communities and the nation as a whole. “We don’t see ourselves as foreigners, investors, we see ourselves as one of you. We are looking forward for a better tomorrow and we would like to build the future with you all”. The Paramount Chief of Kamara chiefdom PC Melvin Ngakai said he was pleased to have Citigate to operate in his chiefdom as there is high rate of poverty and unemployment , expressing hope that when the company would have moved from exploration to full mining they will help employ youth ,contribute to the economy and community development programs . He pledged the cooperation and support of his subchiefs and the people in his chiefdom toward the the operations of Citigate. PC Dalton A. Bona of Nimikoro chiefdom said as local authorities they need serious investors like Citigate who will come to crate job facilities, boost the economy, and develop the communities and the nation. He requested the company to help provide social amenities while they undertake their exploration activities, adding that “we approach an era wherein everyday things grow. We need development in infrastructure, capacity building so that there will be self reliance “. The Regional Manager ,National Minerals Agency ,Kono Arnold Waren Nottidge reminded the people the need to have investors as government alone cannot make people fully benefit from their natural resources and the responsibilities companies ,especially those in the mining sector have toward the communities and the nation. Member of Parliament for Constituency 22 Hon. Sahr Samba welcomed Citigate to the district where he said unemployment is high and there is need for capacity building programmes. He said the communities need health and other facilities that will make life better for the people. The ceremony was climaxed by a raffle draw for Galaxy J5 phone which was won by one Andrew Kamara and cultural performance.