Iran Celebrates 40th Anniversary



Prof. Reza Ameli said the Revolution led to a number of casualties suffered by protesters and revolutionaries and close to 35 demonstrators died in the first eight months. He revealed that they chose Sierra Leone to celebrate this year’s Islamic Revolution to focus on strengthening the relationship between the two countries. 

Prof. Reza Ameli also said that the Islamic Revolution was based on promoting democracy in the country. He added that two months after the revolution they held an election in Iran to decide whether Islam should stay in Iran. He revealed that 92% of the total population voted for Islam to stay.

Memunatu Pratt who is the Minister of Tourism and Culture said the government of Sierra Leone is ready to work with the Iranian Government to promote culture and to improve the friendly relationship that already exists between the two countries. She noted that building a relationship with Iran would help Sierra Leone reach middle-level development across the country.