IPCB Steps Up Probe into Police Shootings



The IPCB Communications Officer further explained that recently the IPCB received a call from a Member of Parliament alleging that a group of police officers raided Mateboi village and Massengbeh village in Yoniibana Chiefdom, and that people were beaten and one Kombay Kamara killed.

He added that in response, IPCB dispatched a team to these two villages to look for evidence and key witnesses and to obtain statements from them. He also said that they forwarded a letter to the Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police to supply them with the names of the suspected police officers of the incident in question and that the IG complied. The ICPB he added then dispatched another team to Mateboi and Massengbeh villages to verify the information gathered so far.

The Independent Police Complaints Board ( IPCB) of Sierra Leone is an independent civilian oversight body for the police, established by the Sierra Leone Police Council under section 158 of the Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991- Act N. 6 of 1991 to protect people from abusive police practices and the public to hold the police accountable for any misconduct or violation of human rights.

Speaking on IPCB challenges, Sesay highlighted that they have inadequate human resources, inadequate funding, mobility problems and restrictions from implementing their recommendations.

However, IPCB, according to him, has contacted the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to allow them to implement their recommendations instead of allowing other institutions doing the implementation.