From The Editor’s Desk Lockdown For What?



Doing the right thing at the wrong time, often time than not, ends up counterproductive. Good as the decision to lockdown the entire country for three days may sound, the fact remains that the bulk of Sierra Leoneans are not prepared for a one-hour lockdown let alone 73 hours.

It goes without saying that a good percentage of Sierra Leoneans live by the day. Even when they venture out (most times hopelessly) to fend for themselves and family they hardly return home with goodies to put smiles on the faces of their sick and hungry children. That is the stack reality and there is absolutely no need to put that reality at the backseat.

For the rich man and those who have pocketed substantial sum of money for the Ebola fight an ‘everlasting’ stay-at-home could be a good decision (who cares?). There store houses are full to the brim, their refrigerators and shelves are supermarkets; their pockets sing ‘haleluya;’ they are home and dry.

Why lock a sick country for days when her economy is in limbo; when health workers are downing tools for very good reasons; when hunger and starvation stand stall tall in our midst; when a cup of rice is hard to come by in some poor homes; when there are no special provisions made for the people especially in poor homes; when ends are difficult to meet even in normal times; when everything but Ebola works. I can go on and on…the list is unending.

Lock down for what?