For Independence Boxfest Championship… Deedra Chestnut Jets in Town



The Independent Boxfest Championship is aimed at showcasing Sierra Leone’s female boxing prowess as well as acting as a springboard for Keita’s next ambition for the international flights will also attract foreign boxers from Liberia who are also going to face their Sierra Leonean counterparts as side attraction before the night’s showpiece between Zainab Keita and Deedra Chestnut.

Secretary-General of the Sierra Leone Boxing Association (SLBA), Alhaji Komba said the event is purposely organized to showcase to the general family the new dynamics in the sport, adding that the boxers have gone through thorough training from international Cuban trainers, and the Boxfest is a perfect stage for them to prove worthy of the exercises they went through.

“Let me thank the African Elite Athletes for giving us a facelift and support towards the renovation of our boxing gym”, Alhaji Komba said adding that the gym’s renovation has been a big boost and motivation to boxers’ confidence.

He said: “Hopefully, in subsequent competitions, Sierra Leone would not be mere participators but competitors,” and called on Sierra Leoneans to show full support by gracing the event as the ticket prices are very reasonable.

The Independent Boxfest Championship is organized by the Sierra Leone Boxing Association (SLBA) in partnership with the Chamber Of Commerce, with support from the Government of Sierra Leone, the Sports Advocacy Network, African Elite Athletes, and National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone (NOC-SLE).