Five charged for stealing solar lights


He said the alleged thieves were apprehended by a police officer and a bike rider who had observed the movement of different people since they received the several complaints of theft, adding that the fifth accused, Keifala, after thorough investigations was found in possession of solar batteries and he confessed to having received solar panels and batteries for quite a long time now.

Paramount Chief of Kakua, Prince Lapia Boima, expressed satisfaction over the actions of the police and called on all residents of Bo to fully cooperate with the police in prosecuting anyone found in possession of solar panels, batteries and lights so that they would face the full force of the law.

He however expressed dissatisfaction over certain sections in the city of Bo that had not been cooperating with the police in prosecuting thieves in their sections, adding that most of those sections did not have solar lights at the moment due to the rampant stealing of the panels and batteries by community people.