Fishing company to pay US$126, 000


According to the court judgment, Dalian Shenghai Ocean Fishing Company was ordered to refund the sum of one hundred and twenty six thousand United State dollars (US$126, 000) to then plaintiff, Mohamed Bangura of N0.7 Second Street, off Mountain Cut in the central Part of Freetown.

The judgment also indicated that Bangura was the sole agent and promoter of the first defendants, Dalian Shenghai Ocean Fishing Company and was actively engaged into discussion and negotiation with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources for the company to undertake legal fishing activities in the country.

Justice Alusine Sesay further ordered madam Abie Aruna Koroma of 52 Bush Water Goderich, along the peninsula road who was the second defendants in the matter with Monza Fishing Company situated at 19 Wilkinson road in the west end of the country’s Freetown capital, who was the third defendant to recover twenty six thousand cartoons of frozen fish, they sole while the matter was being adjudicated, coupled with other fish sold in Sierra Leone’s local market.

The court further ordered that the company to pay Mohamed Bangura  damage cost of one hundred and twenty thousand United states dollars US$260,000,00 , including interest awarded on the said amount , pursuant to Section  (4) of law reform miscellaneous provision act Cap (19) of the laws of Sierra Leone was to be assessed.

The presiding judge also gave specific performance orders against the company for breach of contract, and that the then plaintiff, Bangura entered into oral agreement with the company in 2013, with damaged cost of twenty thousand United States dollars US$20,000 was refused by the court, including the recovery of the value of twenty six thousand cartoons of frozen fish.