‘Females in S/Leone’ Ridding Freetown of Filth



Leader of the group in Sierra Leone, Tricia Osuwo, explained to this press that they are a group of Sierra Leonean females living in and out of Sierra Leone and that their objective is to empower women and girls.

She added that they however decided to complement the efforts of the government during the cleaning exercise by pooling their resources and efforts to clean the city of filth. She maintained that the CEO of the organization Emma Turay lives and works in Sudan and that they have members all over Sierra Leone and in many parts of the world.

The women worked in groups and spent the better part of the day cleaning out gutters and drainages, sweeping and collecting debris to put into dump trucks for onward depositing at the usual garbage dump sites.

The women maintained that they hope that at the next cleaning exercise they would receive the necessary support from the FCC and other stakeholders for ensure proper coordination to make cleaning the city better.