Female Broadcaster On Ebola



According to Hannah Fullah ‘Beauty for Country’ campaign is all about sendinganti-Ebola messages through different pictures of people, to the world that they should not isolate Sierra Leone and people but should isolate the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). The different faces would help in portraying the positive side of the country amidst the disease and at the same time, contribute to development activities in a bid to contain the disease.

She said the campaign is to change the negative attitudes of people around world about Sierra Leoneans who have been stigmatized outside Sierra Leone. According to her, Sierra Leonean travelers around the world are most often than not,  considered Ebola victims.

The messages in their campaign trail, she said are to showcase the beauty of different Sierra Leoneans by showing pictures that can attract the true power of beauty. According to her, Beauty for Country campaign is partnering with various Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to boost the all important campaign.

“We have plans to localize the campaign by actively involving in the Ebola fight through counseling of Ebola survivors,” she said, while noting that they want Ebola survivors to be accommodated in their various communities and take active parts in all development programs.

Miss Fullah said she would ensure that the campaign reaches every Sierra Leonean regardless of status and regional background.

Appealing to Sierra Leoneans to join the campaign, Madam Fullah said, “We should not leave all the fight to the Government alone.”

Messages from different faces of Sierra Leoneans like “isolate Ebola Not me,” “I am not a virus but a human being, “hate the virus not me,” among many others are already scattered in the social media.