Father poisoned child


The particulars indicate that on Tuesday, 10th May 2016, baby Sidie’s mother, Safula Kallon him sleeping in a room where she had passed the previous night and went to the cinema at the barray leaving some other house mates at the veranda.
The accused who is the father, reportedly entered Safula’s room quietly and allegedly administered bird poison to the baby and then sneaked out.
Saful reportedly came in later and met the baby crying and that it refused to take her breast. She took the baby to her mother in law where it was observed that the baby has some foreign substance in his mouth which was discovered to be bird poison.
Investigation was mounted in the village with fingers pointing to Ansumana as someone said he say him entering in the room. He however admitted to putting the poison into the mouth of the baby with the intent to kill him. He said he was tired and ashamed of being provoked by his peers that he cannot care for his children.