Emerson Refuses Bribe


Emmerson is probably the most consistent musician serving as a social conscience of society. His latest album, SURVIVOR is sensational, and blares in virtually all cars, clubs and homes, and on radio stations. The biggest hit in his latest album, MUNKU BOS PA MATCHES is more than just a piece of music. The 15-minute long hit talks about greed which has characterised the politics of a country with an arrogant and intimidating man called ADEBAYOR whose interest is to buy anything and everything for himself. With other politicians whose interest is also their pockets and those of their friends and families. He sings about leaders whom he compares to primitive people exposed to a matchstick who for the first time come by a matchbox. You can imagine the excitement and waste, he dramatises.


Emmerson: Well that would always be the situation but you understand how Sierra Leone is. I will not cite instances but I would just say it’s possible. It has happened in the past and it happened again and it would continue to happen. I just want to assure people that I will continue to be Emmerson the last man standing. ‘The iron way nor day ben’.