Doctors Vs Lawyers Lock Horns in Historical Encounter



Football is consider by many people to be the third religion base on the love and attention it capture on young people  by bringing them together.

The game is full of love, passion and special desire to win which unify people, bridge gap and speak one language of team work. For the first time in the history of football in Sierra Leone the Sierra Leone bar association is facing another professional counterpart, the Sierra Leone medical and dental association.

These are two outstanding professions that barely have the time to engage in extra activities like sport because they are engage in job throughout the day. But football has been a game that men irrespective of their profession will love to play and win the win desirously.

Therefore this game is considered to be a professional veteran encounter between these two sides. The glamour of the game was so high that it attract supporter around the community, families and even client.

This game was played at the Kingtom playing field over the weekend with both team very desires to make the history over it counterpart. The encounter was graced by prominent lawyers like Yada Williams, Solomon Jamiru Deputy Minister of Information and also prominent doctors around the 25th munite the lawyers got an opportunity to score their first goal through a penalty well taken by Mohamed Sahid Bangura (Esq.) but a beautiful header saved the doctors with an equalizer around the 62nd munite of play.

The match ended up one apiece and interactive moment sealed the atmosphere with snap shots and fun moments.