Dijah Kay Unveils Miss. Senior Sec. School Beauty Pageant Winners


“It wasn’t an easy task. We started the initiative of the Miss SSS Beauty Pageant 2018 project in 2016. We first took it to the Minister of tourism and Cultural Affairs and by the grace of God, the minister and other significant people in and outside of the ministry endorsed and supported the venture,” Dijah Kay said.

“If I may say, it was very challenging to get these girls to work with us because of the perception some of the parents have when they hear the words ‘beauty pageant’. But depriving girls of their God-given talents will not make them better persons and this is where I want to urge and encourage parents to allow their girls to live their dreams; hence the theme of the beauty pageant ‘beauty with brains,’ the CEO Dijah Kay productions said. 

She thanked all the various sponsors for their respective contribution including Africell, DStv, AYV, among others.    

Other speakers at the event were Alex Nallo Jr., teachers that accompanied their respective pupils and parents. All of them made similar sentiments thanking Dijah Kay Production for the initiative and promised to always give the necessary support whenever they are called upon.

The winner and the two runners-up responded saying they were happy to have reached this far and called on their colleagues not to relent and to do all they can to live their dreams.