Deputy Minister Donates to Quarantined Homes



Making the presentation at the weekend through the Sella Development for Education and Progress (SEDEP), Mr. Ishmail Al-Sankoh Conteh described the Ebola outbreak as a national disaster that calls for the concern of every citizen.

Mr. Al-Sankoh noted that the Sella Development has played a leading role in the Ebola sensitization which has helped immensely in scaling down the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the community. He assured them of his fullest support at all times in order to help fight the disease not only in their community but the country in general.

Mr. Al-Sankoh warned against stigmatization of quarantined people, noting that what had befallen them is not of their making as no one will wish to come in contact with such a dreadful disease. He urged them to support those in the quarantined houses by showing some compassion rather than discriminating against them.

In his remarks the president of Sella Development for Education and Progress (SEDEP), Mr. Makah Jalloh thanked the Deputy Minister of Sports for his kind gesture and the love he keep on extending to his people especially in this time of need. He assured him that the item which includes bags of rice, onions, oil and other cooking condiments will be shared evenly amongst the homes that are presently under quarantined.

Mr. Jalloh emphasized that the virus is no respecter of person and has no regard for tribe, political party, religion or status. He called on other agencies and worthy people of Kamakwe to emulate the good example of the Hon. Deputy Minister of Sports Hon. Ishmail Al-Sankoh Conteh.