David Survives Surgery to Extract Pin from Chest



Explaining his ordeal to AYV, David said he was with his classmates in their classroom in December when he accidentally swallowed the pin that was used to attach papers of the blackboard.

For three month, he could not tell anyone including his parent not until he started experiencing some severe internal pains in his chest.

With support from some neighbours, David and his parents were able to meet and connect with the Chairman of Pikin Bizness, Dr. Adonis Abboud who wasted no time to render his usual humanitarian support to the suffering boy.

Speaking also to AYV was Dr. Adonis Abboud who said when he was approached by David’s family, he attempted to seek local medical help and a scan was done, admission at the Choitrams hospital and later flown to Ghana after several unsuccessful local medial helps.

He said Pikin Bizness raised funds for David’s international medical help and a total Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy-Five United States Dollars was spent for a very delicate surgery on him.

Dr. Serebour, Surgeon Specialist at Korle Bu confirmed to newsmen that David’s surgery was successful and that he can now go about his normal full physical activities with no restriction. He said David after the surgery, David underwent repeated chest x-ray lungs which were all proven to be normal.

Parents of David also used the opportunity to thank Dr. Abboud and partners and staff of Pikin Bizness for giving their son a second chance to live again.