Court Orders Sierratel to Pay Ex-Workers


Justice Samba also ordered Defendant Company (Sierratel) not to refund any tax deducted from the 74 workers, stating that the Finance Act N0.15 of 2015 was not retrospective.  Meaning the then Plaintiffs (74 workers) were made redundant, terminated and some retired, before the Act came into being.

According to the judgment both Counsels for the then Plaintiffs, Elvis Kargbo and Defendant Company, RAD Jones should collate the names of ex-workers, calculate the extra monies due them, and present a final list to the management of Sierratel for payments within two working days.

  A Court cost of thirty Le30 million was also levied on Defendant Company while the ex-workers are to receive 15% on extra months due them.

Moreover, hopes and high expectations of the 74 ex-workers were dashed on hearing the orders of the High Court stating that, they were not entitled to any tax deducted from their terminal benefits and other official emoluments due them.

This press also learnt that, four of the ex-workers had died before judgment was delivered. A  58 years old ex-worker lamented to this press that, close to Le60 million Leones tax was deducted from his terminal benefits but with such judgment, he said he did not know where and how to start life all over again.