Corroded and Dented TIN Foods Are Dangerous



“Unhealthy trade practice and anti-competitive behaviour are all bad in trade. Misleading information on any goods with regards the production destination is not good for consumers,” he said.

He said they also seek the interest of consumers in the area of best practices, adding that the storage of products such as cement, soda, milk, biscuits, flour and rice in the same store could be potentially dangerous for consumers.

Responding to questions on the hike in prices of basic commodities, he said they channel the cries of consumers to the government as they are in a partnership.

He claimed there would always be a hike in prices of basic commodities until the police crackdown on unscrupulous traders.

“The local produces have their own economic scale because of the cost involved in their production. The producers raise the prices to meet the economic demand of certain goods that are imported into the country,” he said.

He disclosed that a Consumer and Food Bill would be presented to Parliament for ratification before the year ends, adding that trade inspectors have been replaced by monitors who will ensure that price tags are placed on goods displayed in shops and supermarkets.

Kabia contended that the country’s export capacity should increase to meet international standards as its depreciation affects foreign exchange prices and cause inflation in the country.

He also blamed the hike in prices of basic commodities on the country’s porous borders, which allow traders to smuggle goods to neighbouring countries untaxed.